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Dr. Theresa Cronin


Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies, Middlesex University London


Dr Theresa Cronin joined the Media Department at Middlesex University in 2007, and has since taught across a broad range of subjects in Media and Cultural Studies. Theresa completed her PhD, 'Disciplining the Spectator: Subjectivity, the Body and Contemporary Spectatorship' in 2011. This explored the spectator's corporeal engagement with film. It examined the socially and historically constructed nature of spectatorship, the specific practices that work to create contemporary cinema's corporeal address, and the regulatory implications of this address. Focusing on films such as Funny Games, Irréversible, Wolf Creek, and the genre of 'torture porn' more generally, it examines how the regulation of cinema in the contemporary era has become less a question of the institutionalised censorship of texts, and more a question of regulating the 'self' and establishing appropriate spectatorial relations. 

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