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Undergraduate Programmes

Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management

Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Festival and Event Management


Course Code: 1545-DP062A (CE 68-856-00/71)
  • QF Level: 5 QR Registration No.: 13/000630/L5 (Bachelor of Arts (With Honours) in Festival and Event Management) Validity Period: 01/09/2013 to 31/08/2018
  • QF Level: 5 QR Registration No.: 13/000632/L5 (Bachelor of Arts in Festival and Event Management) Validity Period: 01/09/2013 to 31/08/2018
Ms. Sara Liu
T: 2867 8408 or 2520 4607


Programme Overview


Over the last decade, events have emerged as significant tools for community and regional development, tourism promotion and corporate marketing. The steady growth in the number and size of events in Hong Kong has created a significant demand for professional event managers. At the same time, the increasing complexity and government regulation of festivals and events have given rise to an industry body of knowledge, and to the need for personnel trained and skilled in the practice of festival and event management.

This honours degree programme offered by Edinburgh Napier University is designed to equip students with the skills to plan, design, market, operate and develop events, as well as to use these events to help local economies and communities.

The programme aims to provide students with a coherent and vocationally relevant academic curriculum preparing them for a career in the festival, event and related service sectors. It develops students’ competence in applying appropriate theories and concepts of event management to practical situations.




Programme Highlights

  • Festival and event management is a unique subject area in Hong Kong;
  • To become the Events Capital of Asia, Hong Kong needs well-trained experts to organise fascinating festivals and world-class events;
  • Lecturers of Edinburgh Napier will fly in to Hong Kong to teach, and they are experienced and knowledgeable in managing major festivals and events;
  • Overseas study opportunities available for one full semester in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier

Edinburgh Napier University is one of the largest higher education institutions in Scotland with around 18,000 students studying professional and academic programmes at all levels of award. In 2009, Edinburgh Napier was awarded the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education. It is a highly prestigious prize, which is granted biennially to universities and colleges that demonstrate worldclass standards of excellence.

The location of Edinburgh Napier University is most ideal because Edinburgh is home to spectacular festivals and major events such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. This city attracts travellers and tourists from all over the world, all year round. Students, therefore, encounter a wealth of useful experience and information drawn from the heart of a city rich in culture and creative industries.




Welcome Message

James O'KAne
Professor. James O’Kane
Assistant Dean, The Business School

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the BA (Hons) in Festival and Event Management programme which is being offered through collaboration between HKU SPACE and the Business School at Edinburgh Napier University. Thank you for considering our programmes for the next stage of your education. We think that they are excellent and we hope that you will enjoy both the variety of learning opportunities provided and the range of content offered

Our degree programme aims to enable you to realise your potential and to develop your specific interests and knowledge, by providing the richest learning opportunities possible, within and across the range of Festival and Events and Business subjects. A core characteristic of our undergraduate programmes is the integration of knowledge of your chosen field discipline with general attributes which will prepare you for professional work demands. This approach provides a pathway for the development of you as an individual and promotes a learning climate that encourages you to strengthen interpersonal and business relationships skills.

We aim to help you to develop a reflective awareness of the skills required for a successful career. Graduate Employability is the key to all our programmes and we aim to equip you with a sound understanding of specialised professional knowledge and skills, in addition to developing leadership skills that will help you make a positive difference to yourself, organisations and society. We offer a curricula and a student-centred educational approach so that our graduates are well-equipped for this interesting and vibrant industry. In addition, our undergraduate programmes give students a solid foundation for further study and research that is important for developing a professional career.

I hope that you find our programme rewarding, challenging and above all enjoyable. I have no doubt that success on this programme will be beneficial to you as an individual and to your career.

Professor. James O'Kane
Assistant Dean
The Business School
Edinburgh Napier University


Content and

Programme Structure

The entire programme consists of 10 modules (20 credits each) and a dissertation (40 credits).

Upon completion of 10 modules and a dissertation, students will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Festival and Event Management.

The Bachelor of Arts in Festival and Event Management will be awarded to students if they apply to exit upon completion of six modules with 120 credits.

Year Specialism Module Industry Generic Module Dissertation
Year 3
  • Impacts of Festivals and EventsCEF
  • Planning and Public Policy for Festivals and EventsCEF
  • Event ManagementCEF
  • Sports Event Tourism
  • Service Management CEF
  • Facilities Planning for Hospitality, Tourism and Events CEF
Year 4
  • The Management of MICE Events CEF
  • International Festival and Event Environments CEF
  • Business TourismCEF
  • Leadership and Innovation for Tourism, Hospitality and Events CEF
  • Dissertation (for two semesters)

CEF Selected module(s) of the programmes has been included in the list of reimbursable courses for Continuing Education Fund (CEF) purposes. According to the terms and conditions of the CEF, students seeking reimbursement of the fees under CEF must not have obtained any other publicly-funded financial assistance, such as FASP, for the same programme/ modules to avoid double benefits. For details, please refer to

The above programme structure is intended for use as a guide by prospective students. HKU SPACE and Edinburgh Napier reserve the right to vary the structure.

Duration of Study

This honours degree programme is a fully-accredited undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom. With full exemptions granted, students can complete the programme in two years (including a semester break). 

Teaching Mode

Except for Dissertation, each module consists of 18 hours of lectures and 18 hours of tutorials. Classes will be conducted in English. Quality teaching is demonstrated through:

  • All modules, lecture notes, and teaching materials are in English;
  • All lectures are conducted by professors and lecturers of Edinburgh Napier University;
  • All tutorials are conducted by HKU SPACE lecturers who must be accredited by Edinburgh Napier University;
  • All modules start with 18 hours of lecture in a block teaching week, followed by another 18 hours of tutorials. Reading of selected academic journals and articles and subsequent discussions, field trips as well as guest speakers for special topics of related subjects will be arranged for different modules;
  • Local case studies and examples will be used in tutorials.


The mode of assessment for each module is different but will be generally based on a combination of coursework (including assignments, tests and projects) and the final examination or 100% continuous assessment without examination.

Teaching Staff

In association with Edinburgh Napier University

  • Programme Leaders
    McLATCHIE, Joan PGCert (TLHE); PGDip (HCAM); MA (Hons); MSc (HRM); FHEA
    LEUNG, Solange BSocSc HK; MSc Surrey; CHE
  • Deputy Programme Leaders
    HERRIOTT, Michael HND: FIM; BSc; PGCert; MSc; FHEA
  • Teaching Staff - Edinburgh Napier University
    BARRON, Paul Edward HND; MSc; PhD  
    THEODORAKI, Eleni BEd; PhD  
    EATON, Brian PGCE; B.Com; MBA; MPhil  
    HERRIOTT, Michael HND: FIM; BSc; PGCert; MSc; FHEA  
    JARMAN, David MSc; MA (Hons)  
    McLATCHIE, Joan PGCert (TLHE); PGDip (HCAM); MA (Hons); MSc (HRM); FHEA  
    RIHOVA, Ivana BA (Hons); MSc; PhD  
    TAYLOR, Stephen James HD; DipM; MBA; DMS  
    TODD; Louise Amanda BA (Hons); M.Phil; PhD  
    WARDROP, Kenneth McMillan BA (Hons); MBA  
  • Teaching Staff - HKU SPACE
    CHAN, Betty BScoSc, MA (Hospitality Management); MA (Public Relations) CUHK  
    CHAN, Domenica Bachelor (Commerce and Arts); MBA in International Management    
    CHAN, Wes BSc; MSc; MA; PgDip; GradDip; CHE  
    CHU, Charles Dip (Management Studies); MSc (Sports Sociology and Sports Management)  
    HO, Eugenia B Commerce; MS  
    KWAN, Ming HD; Bachelor (Tourism & Hospitality Management); MSc; D.HTM  
    LAI, Wong Yuen-lee Cert (Housing Management); Dip (Recreation Management); BSSc (Hons)  
    POON, Priscilla Cert (China Studies); Cert (Executive Development for Tourism); MSc  
    ROPER, David BSc; MBA; LLM  


Award and


On completion of the studies, graduates will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Festival and Event Management, which is identical to the one awarded to the students in Edinburgh Napier University in the UK.

The Bachelor of Arts in Festival and Event Management will be awarded to students if they apply to exit upon completion of six modules with 120 credits.

Work Placement

Students will have plenty of opportunities to voluntarily participate in various events organised by a range of event organisations in Hong Kong to gain exposure and polish their customer service as well as event organisation skills.

Career Opportunties

Festivals and events have been identified by the Hong Kong Tourism Board as major items in its promotion plan for travellers and visitors. Festivals and events ranging from meetings, incentive travels, conventions and exhibitions to large scale renowned sports and recreational events such as the Rugby Sevens, the Hong Kong International Film Festival, Wine and Dine Festival, and the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, continue to grow and develop. Therefore, students of the festival and event management discipline enjoy plenty of job opportunities and good career development prospects.

Further Studies

During the entire course of the programme, students will develop independent thinking skills, critical analysis of current hospitality, tourism, and event management issues. Each honours degree student will undertake a dissertation in which the student will be well-equipped with research skills necessary for further studies.

Graduates of the BA (Hons) FEM will be eligible to apply for the Master of Science in Marketing with Festival and Event Management (collaborated with HKU SPACE) or other master degree programmes offered by various universities.


Fees and

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee* for the 2017/18 academic year is HK$109,800, payable in four instalments.

The tuition fee covers all the fees charged by Edinburgh Napier University, which include application handling fee and assessment fee. The fee for textbook, re-sitting for assessments, re-submission of assessments, and repeating the studies for each module of study is not included.

*The tuition fee is reviewed annually and is subject to change without prior notice.

Continuing Education Fund CEF

Selected modules in the programmes have been included in the list of reimbursable courses for CEF purposes. For details, please refer to Financial Assistance section.

According to the terms and conditions of the CEF, students seeking reimbursement of the fees under CEF must not have obtained any other publicly-funded financial assistance, such as FASP, for the same programme/ modules to avoid double benefits. For details, please refer to

Financial Assistance Schemes

Edinburgh Napier University’s Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Festival and Event Management programme delivered in Hong Kong is successfully accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Full-time students are eligible to apply for Hong Kong government grants and low-interest loans, i.e. Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) and Non-means tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS). For details, please refer to

Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Edinburgh Napier University offers the followings:

  1. Scholarships of £1,250 each will be awarded to students of BA (Hons) FEM who demonstrate outstanding academic results in their Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma study.

  2. Students can apply for the Business School Awards (with £350 each) which will be awarded to students who are required to take additional modules in order to fulfil the minimum entry requirements of the programme.

  3. A few awards of £1,500 each will be awarded to students who have completed the first year of study and achieved the highest cumulative GPA results of the BA (Hons) FEM programme.

  4. A few bursaries of £1,400 each will be awarded to students who have financial difficulties



Entry Requirements

An applicant shall hold:

  1. a "Good Pass#" or CGPA of 2.0 in Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management/ Tourism Management/ Tourism and Marketing Management/ M.I.C.E.* and Event Management, or Higher Diploma in Tourism and Events Management/ Hotel Management/ Tourism and Hospitality Management awarded within HKU system through HKU SPACE; or
  2. an equivalent award granted by a recognised institution, such as Advanced Diploma/ Associate Degree/ Higher Diploma in M.I.C.E.*/ Festival/ Event Management, Tourism, Leisure or Hospitality Management; or
  3. an equivalent award granted by a recognised institution in other related disciplines such as Business, Management, Marketing, Communication or Linguistics. These applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis; and they may be required to take additional module(s) based on individual merit before the start of the programme.

# Good Pass: average mark of modules is 60-69 with a passing mark of 50

* M.I.C.E: Meetings, Incentive Travels, Conventions and Exhibitions

Since the teaching of the additional module(s) will start in mid-June, students who are required to take additional module(s) need to apply the programme BY 3 MARCH 2017 (Friday). Late applications will not be accepted.


Student Work
and Activities

Overseas Study in Edinburgh

Overseas study opportunities for a full semester will be available for several students to study in Edinburgh with all Hong Kong credits being counted toward the qualification. No additional tuition fees will be applied. Financial subsidies and accommodation may be arranged for students if needed.

Edinburgh school life 2014

Edinburgh school life 2014

Cherry Cheng

"It was a valuable opportunity for me to attend lectures and had group discussion with other international students. My flatmates were from different countries such as India and Spain, and I learnt a lot of cross-cultural issues during the few months of study in Edinburgh Napier."

Joanne SY

"During weekend and holiday break, we went to other cities in the UK such as London, York, Bath, Lake District, as well as other European countries for sightseeing! Travelling and studying abroad indeed widened our horizons."

Overseas study at Edinburgh Napier 2014

Overseas study at Edinburgh Napier - Visit to tourism attraction (March 2014)

Jacqueline Yeung

"I was impressed by the peaceful environment in Edinburgh! Studying with international students from Italy and other parts of the UK was a very interesting and rewarding life experience and I learnt a lot from their proactive learning attitude."  



Overseas study at Edinburgh Napier 2013

Overseas study at Edinburgh Napier – Cooking at student accommodation (2013)

Sylvia Au

"I have become more independent after studying overseas as I had to cook, do grocery shopping, do laundry and tidy my room by myself. I also learnt how to get along with people from other cultural backgrounds in the student flat. It was a great and priceless life experience!"

Yan Lee

"The learning atmosphere in Edinburgh Napier was quite different from that of Hong Kong, and the international students from Russia, Norway and Germany were outspoken, friendly and active in class. We made a lot of new friends and had good memories there!"

CSM London Summer Study Programme

This programme organised by IC provides a valuable opportunity for students to enroll into a short course in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (CSM), one of the world’s leading institutes for arts and design education with 150 years of history.

IC-ECNU Shanghai Winter Study Programme

This programme enables students to broaden their intercultural outlook by exploring Shanghai’s past and present, discovering local culture, lifestyle and art development. They can also experience East China Normal University’s campus, hall life and study with ECNU students.



QF This programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework. For details of the QF level, registration number and validity period, please visit:

This is an exempted course under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.