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Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services


Course Code: 1545-DP039A (CE 68-812-00/71) Closed
  • QF Level: 5 QR Registration No.: 14/002875/L5 Validity Period: 01/09/2014 to 31/08/2018
Ms. Elsa Tsang
T: 2867 8322


Programme Overview

This programme aims to provide students with sound and comprehensive knowledge of the financial services sector and the opportunities to acquire relevant skills. Graduates will therefore be able to develop a career in banking, insurance, investment, wealth management and other related financial services sectors.

This honours degree programme is fully accredited in the United Kingdom. On completion of study, graduates will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services, which is identical to the one awarded to students at Edinburgh Napier University. Holders of this degree have also been recognised for admission to higher level studies in many postgraduate programmes.



Programme Highlights

  • The degree programme can be completed within 1.5 years by full-time study;
  • Graduates will be exempted from the Associate Financial Planner Certification Education Programme of the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong. Graduates can sit directly for the Associate Financial Planner Certification Examination;
  • Lecturers possess high academic qualifications and substantial years of experience in the financial services industry.

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University is one of the largest higher education institutions in Scotland with approximately 18,000 students studying academic programmes to develop employability skills sought by employers. In 2009, Edinburgh Napier won the highly prestigious Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education, granted biennially to universities and colleges demonstrating work of world-class excellence.

Edinburgh Napier is one of the top ten universities in the UK for graduate employability. A recent study from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA 2013) showed that more than 95% of Edinburgh Napier’s graduates obtained jobs or progressed onto further studies six months after graduation.

Edinburgh Napier University is one of the largest renowned international universities delivering programmes in Hong Kong with approximately 2,000 students currently studying in Hong Kong. The Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services programme has been running in part-time format in Hong Kong for ten years and, in January 2011, 1,000 graduates completed this degree. It is due to the success of this programme that a full-time format was launched in September 2012 and has been well-received by full-time students aiming to join the finance and banking sectors.



愛丁堡龍比亞大學師資優良,堅持以專業訓練為本的教學方針。畢業生向來獲僱主青睞,就業率亦於全英國高等院校中持續高企;逾九成半畢業生在畢業後六個月內已獲聘或繼續升學 (英國高等教育統計局2013)。

現時,在香港修讀愛丁堡龍比亞大學生達二千人。金融服務 (榮譽) 文學士學位兼讀制課程於港大專業進修學院開辦已逾十載;至2011年,於香港完成此課程的畢業生累計多達一千人。為延續兼讀制課程的驕人成果,學院於2012年9月開辦全日制課程,廣受有意投身金融及銀行業的學生歡迎。

Welcome Message

Stewart Falconer
Stewart Falconer
Head of School of Accounting, Financial Services and Law, The Business School

It is my great pleasure to offer you a very warm welcome to the new Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services full-time degree programme which is being offered for the first time this year through collaboration between HKU SPACE and the School of Accounting, Financial Services and Law in the Business School at Edinburgh Napier University.

I am very pleased indeed that you are thinking of studying with us on this programme which covers a range of subjects in relation to the financial services sector and has the principal aims of furthering your knowledge of that sector and preparing you for a career with an organisation within an area of financial services such as banking, insurance, investment or financial planning. Our University has an enviable record in preparing students for the employment market and we try to ensure that our programmes are relevant to the business world not least by consulting with industry experts on the structure of the programme and on the material which is included in the subjects studied.

As you may know, the programme has been running in part-time format in Hong Kong for some ten years and, in January 2011, the 1,000th graduate completed their degree. It is due to the success of that programme that we have decided to launch the degree for full-time students and we are confident that it will be equally successful and provide a similarly interesting and rewarding programme of study for our students.

Our approach to the delivery of our programmes in Hong Kong is a combination of lectures from Edinburgh Napier Faculty, tutorials from local tutors from HKU SPACE and comprehensive study materials. Using these component parts, we provide a student-centred learning experience which is interesting and informative and, as I have said, at the same time, we do everything we can to prepare you for your chosen career in one of the financial services professions or a related area of business. I hope that you choose to study on our programme and I am sure that, if you do, you will find it interesting, rewarding, challenging and above all enjoyable. You have my very best wishes for your studies and I look forward to seeing you on one of my regular visits to Hong Kong.

Stewart Falconer
Head of School of Accounting, Financial Services and Law
The Business School
Edinburgh Napier University

Content and

Programme Structure

Associate Degree or Higher Diploma graduates with required exemptions can gain direct entry to Year 3 of Edinburgh Napier University’s four-year honours degree programme.

The entire programme in Hong Kong consists of 12 modules (20 credits each), spanning four semesters across 18 months.

Year Semester Module Title
Year 3 Semester 1 Advanced Personal Financial Planning
Marketing of Financial Services
Information Technology & Financial Services
  Semester 2 Financial Services Decision Making and Planning 2
Corporate Risk Management
Corporate Governance
Year 4 Semester 1 Central Banking
Economics of Business Strategy
Global Financial Markets
  Semester 2 Regulatory Risk Management
Investment Management
Management of Financial Institutions

The above programme structure is intended for use as a guide by prospective students. HKU SPACE and Edinburgh Napier University reserve the right to vary the structure if required.

Duration of Study 

Students entering Year 3 can complete the programme in 1.5 years on a full-time basis. 

Teaching Mode

There will be 42 hours of lectures for each module. Classes will be conducted in English. Quality teaching methods apply:

  • All modules, lecture notes and other teaching materials are in English.
  • 9 hours of lectures will be conducted by professors or lecturers from Edinburgh Napier University.
  • 33 hours of lectures will be conducted by HKU SPACE lecturers accredited by Edinburgh Napier University.
  • Lectures by Edinburgh Napier University’s professors and lecturers will be conducted in a week of block teaching. Lectures conducted by HKU SPACE lecturers will be held weekly.


For each module, the programme is normally assessed based on a combination of coursework and examination, with the latter normally running two hours long.

Teaching Staff


  • Programme Leaders
    MALCOLM, Pettigrew
    (Edinburgh Napier)
    BA(Hons), MSc.; MCIBS; FHEA
    MOK, Daniel S.C.
    BSc Oregon State; MM Willamete; PhD HKU
  • Teaching Staff - Edinburgh Napier University

    ALCONER, Stewart

    MA; MSc; FCIB

    MALCOLM, Pettigrew

    BA(Hons), MSc.; MCIBS; FHEA

    SHORT, Les

    BSc; MSc; PhD

    BANEZ, Carles

    BSc; MSc; PhD

    CROSSAN, Kenneth

    BA (Hons); MSc; PhD

    ZHANG, Jane

    BSc; PgC; MSc; PhD

  • Teaching Staff - HKU SPACE

    CHAN, K.F.

    BA; MAcc; DAcc

    CHAN, Joseph

    BBA; MBA; PhD

    CHOI, Tat

    BA; MA; PhD

    LI, Terence

    BBA; MBA; PhD

    HUI, Mike


    WONG, Larry

    BA; MSc; CFA; CFP

    YEE, Wilson

    MBA; CFA

    YIP, Angus

    BA; MSc; CFP


Award and


Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services by Edinburgh Napier University.

Professional Recognition

Upon completion of the programme, graduates will be exempted from the Associate Financial Planner Certification Education Programme of the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong. Graduates can sit directly for the Associate Financial Planner Certification Examination.

Career Opportunities

Financial services has long been a major pillar of Hong Kong’s economy. It is currently a growing area internationally, and Hong Kong is a major international financial centre serving both local and international markets. Financial services organisations located in Hong Kong provide a wide range of products and services across these markets, including the areas of Corporate Finance, Investment, Insurance, Banking and Wealth Management. Hong Kong’s competitive advantage in these areas is based on decades of experience and a high level of efficiency in parallel with well regulated financial markets that operate in accordance with international standards. Graduates of this honours degree programme should find a wealth of job opportunities awaiting them in this important sector.

Further Studies

Graduates will find the Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services degree being recognised by many universities for admission to postgraduate degree programmes. Students will, of course, be able to proceed to a wide range of relevant Master’s degree programmes offered by universities in Hong Kong or elsewhere.


Fees and

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee* of the entire programme for 2016/17 intake is HK$110,000, payable in four instalments.

*The tuition fee is reviewed annually and is subject to change without prior notice.

Financial Assistance Schemes

The Bachelor of Arts (with Honours) in Financial Services programme delivered in Hong Kong is successfully accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ). Full-time students are eligible to apply for Hong Kong government grants and low-interest loans, i.e. Financial Assistance Scheme for Post-secondary Students (FASP) and Non-means tested Loan Scheme for Post-secondary Students (NLSPS). For details, please refer to

Edinburgh Napier Scholarships

Edinburgh Napier University may award a number of its own scholarships to students based on merit or need.

IC Scholarships and Bursaries

A number of IC Scholarships and Bursaries are made available for eligible new entrants every year. Please consult programme staff for application information.



Entry Requirements

An applicant should hold:

  1. an Associate Degree or Higher Diploma in a Business-related discipline awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE; 

  2. have an equivalent award granted by a recognised institution. Holders of Associate Degrees or Higher Diplomas awarded by other community colleges in Hong Kong in a relevant discipline will be considered on a case-by-case basis;

  3. a degree in other disciplines. Degree holders in non-business disciplines will be considered based on individual merit.


Student Work
and Activities

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QF This programme is recognised under the Qualifications Framework. For details of the QF level, registration number and validity period, please visit:

This is an exempted course under the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.