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Student Activities

  • 5 -30 Aug 2019
    London Summer Study Programme 2019
    Since 2014, IC has been subsidizing our students to study a one-week summer programme at Central Saint Martins (CSM) University of the Arts London, one of IC’s leading international partners. This year, three full-time undergraduate students will be selected for a subsidy of up to HK$18,000 each, contributed by HKU SPACE Foundation. Application is now open for all IC full-time undergraduate students!
  • 18 Apr 2019 (Thu)
    Expanding Horizon Series#5 敢創敢夢 - 數碼港培育計劃
  • 19 Mar 2019 (Tue)
    Expanding Horizon Series#3 共創空間 - 走進南豐紗廠
    近年隨着初創企業的興起,共享空間逐漸流行。南豐紗廠 (The Mills) 剛完成活化並化身成為集創新科技、文化、藝術和學習體驗於一身的共創空間。現誠邀大家一起走進南豐紗廠,了解它的背景及如何培育初創企業,還可以參與手作工作坊。費用全免,萬勿錯過今次機會!
  • 14 Feb-21 Mar 2019
    IC English Workshops 2018/19 - Series II, III & IV
    IC has been organizing workshops to support and enhance their use of English in study. This year the workshops are further divided up into 4 series to better meet the different individual backgrounds of our students.
  • 11 Feb 2019 (Mon)
    Expanding Horizon Series#2 Design Thinking
    Get started with design thinking! Learn the basics in our design thinking workshop, use some of the most effective tools and techniques to DESIGN your concepts.
  • 15 Oct 2018 (Mon)
    Expanding Horizon Series#1 Sex work as work...?
    Talking about Hong Kong’s sex industry in the localised context, our special speaker Cherry provides an insider’s perspective on the debate of prostitution/sex work.