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Student Activities

  • 25 Feb - 20 May 2017
    Academic Writing Workshop (Feb - May 2017)
    Want to enhance your English? Let’s learn and improve your English in an interactive and relaxed environment during the Workshop!
  • 21 Mar - 7 Apr 2017
    IC-UTMSPACE Malaysia Study Tour 2017: A Country of Diversity
    Partnering with UTMSPACE (University Technology Malaysia) a new summer MALAYSIA STUDY TOUR will be launched this year at IC! Featuring HOMESTAY at Malaysia rural hosts and visits to cultural and ecotourism sites! Participants can experience directly the traditional and rural lives in Malaysia, and also the diversity in their cultures. Details and itineraries with available subsidy schemes and application form can be found in programme leaflet at IC Counter or on Learner Portal. Application Deadline will be on 7 April 2017 (Fri).
  • 19 Apr 2017
    Expanding Horizon Series: Wine Appreciation Workshop
    Enjoy wine together!
  • 16 Apr 2017
    Singing Contest 2017
    Singing Contest is one of the most popular student-led events of the year.
  • 20-24 March 2017
    Event Society 5th Mega Sale手作市集 The Circus
    Come to visit the colorful and delightful Mega Sale “The Circus”!
  • 13 Mar 2017
    Expanding Horizon Series: Romantic Germany: a taste of good food and interesting cultures
    Romance of German: enjoy it through cultures and cuisines. There is more than BEER! Come and enjoy how romantic in Germany!
  • Mega Sale 尋檔主
    08-10 Mar 2017
    Mega Sale 尋檔主
  • Expanding Horizon Series: 音樂 • 生活 • 社會 • 前進
    8 Feb 2017
    Expanding Horizon Series: 音樂 • 生活 • 社會 • 前進
  • Expanding Horizon Series: “Semper Paratus (Always Ready)” –Government Flying Service in Action
    11 Jan 2017
    Expanding Horizon Series: “Semper Paratus (Always Ready)” –Government Flying Service in Action
    Government Flying Service (GFS): What are its operations? Who does it reported to? How can I join? Can I receive training from them? Stories and experiences from a former Air Traffic Controller.
  • 11-16 Dec 2016
    IC-ECNU Shanghai Winter Study Tour 2016
    A CHANCE to meet new friends from Shanghai, enjoy Shanghai Cuisine. It will be a valuable experience you should not miss! Application is now open for all IC full-time undergraduate students. Programme fee is HK$ 2,900 (all inclusive) for this winter study tour for each successful applicant. Only 20 places!
  • Expanding Horizon Series: 升級再造工作坊: 綠色手皂~「油」你做起
    7 Dec 2016
    Expanding Horizon Series: 升級再造工作坊: 綠色手皂~「油」你做起
  • Expanding Horizon Series: The Rules of Work
    15 Nov 2016
    Expanding Horizon Series: The Rules of Work
    Referring to Richard Templar's book "The Rules of Work“, Dr. F. T. Chan will share his experience and thought on some important rules that contribute to a happier working life and more fruitful career development.
  • Expanding Horizon Series: 主場觸覺
    2 Nov 2016
    Expanding Horizon Series: 主場觸覺
    港台主持 講傳媒、講理念、講人生
  • Expanding Horizon Series: 本土意識與國際視野
    14 Oct 2016
    Expanding Horizon Series: 本土意識與國際視野
    今年立法會選舉,本土派崛起,年輕政治家輩出。 本土VS國際 這跟我們在港修讀外國院校的學生有什麼關係?讓前學院總監李偉才博士來為我們解讀。