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HKU Campus 

Undergraduate students enrolled in International College will have dual registration* with HKU SPACE and the collaborating university. Student ID and facilities card will be issued to full-time students allowing them to use the libraries and sports facilities of the University of Hong Kong. They are also given full access to the online libraries of the overseas universities, allowing them to make use of all available international resources 24/7.

*Dual registration is not applicable to students enrolled to the Executive Series or the Postgraduate Diploma Programmes awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE.




HKU Library

HKU Library

Full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students have full access to the University of Hong Kong library which is located at the main campus and is within easy reach from the International College campus in Admiralty by bus and now by MTR.

You are strongly advised to join the library tour which are conducted to familiarise yourself with the library facilities. You are also expected to observe the regulations governing University Libraries. Please refer to the link for an online orientation: and also visit the website at for more information. 


Henry Fok Swimming Pool

Stanley Ho Sports Centre

HKU Sports Facilities

Physical education is an important part of undergraduate education. During your time at International College, you are welcome to use the facilities provided by the Institute of Human Performance of the University of Hong Kong.