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Student Activities

  • 19 Jan 2023 - 2 Feb 2023
    IC English Workshops 2022/23
    IC will be holding three series of English Workshop for students to enhance their English proficiency. The workshop which covering three different areas enable IC students to enroll particular series so as to target their weak areas. A Native English Teacher has been invited to be the instructor of the workshop in which students could sharpen their English levels in a dynamic and fun way. In addition, IC will be sponsoring students a part of the workshop fee so that students could strengthen their language skills in a very reasonable price! Don’t miss out the chance and enroll the workshop now! Interested students please enrol at Learner Portal!
  • 17 Nov 2022
    Expanding Horizon Series #3 – Exploring Mai Po 探索米埔
    常處於這個石屎森林, 看見的總是高樓大廈和人多的街道, 很累了…… 趁著這個秋季, 不如到郊外看看大自然的景色, 呼吸一下新鮮空氣, 治癒一下心靈吧! 米埔自然保護區有香港「雀鳥天堂」之稱,每年冬天都會吸引來自不同地方的候鳥在此休息與補給。另外, 區內也有著不同的生態環境供各種生物作為棲息地,,例如水生動植物、昆蟲、兩棲爬蟲、魚類及哺乳類等,是擁有極高生態價值的地方。 秋季最適合到郊外走走, 而且又是觀鳥的好季節,立即到Learner Portal報名, 和我們一起到米埔打咭!
  • 28 Oct 2022
    Expanding Horizon Series #2 – Alumni Sharing 校友分享會
    【劇透‧游戲‧人生:師姐的Trial & Error故事分享】 人生就是不斷重覆嘗試﹑失敗﹑嘗試﹑失敗﹑嘗試﹑失敗⋯⋯你曾經有以下想法嗎? 「吓,失敗咗好樣衰架喎,會俾人笑!」 「嗯⋯好怕去嘗試⋯都係留喺舒適圈最好。」 「唔去試就唔會輸啦~」 如果因為失敗而害怕嘗試,這樣過的人生就是無悔嗎? IC在十月尾邀請了CC校友胡津如女士(Ms. Jeannie Wu)來為同學分享她讀書和工作時遇到的經歷。她還會透過遊戲讓大家了解這刻你認為最需要和最珍惜的東西,也會教大家爭取的方法。 Jeannie作為資深藝術顧問,擁有多年藝術行政管理和節目統籌的專業經驗,現時亦於HKU SPACE管理不同的藝術課程,教育有意投身藝術界的人士,希望藉此擴展本地藝術圈網絡,推廣藝術文化。 想了解師姐的經歷和一起玩遊戲,立即登入Learner Portal報名啦!
  • 07 Oct 2022
    Expanding Horizon Series #1 – Handcream Workshop 護手霜工作坊
    To prevent infection of Covid-19, we maintain good personal hygiene by washing hands before meal and using alcohol-based hand rub after touching public installations. However, did you notice that your hands are getting dry, redness and itchy? Why don’t you make a hand cream for yourself? You can make a natural and skin-friendly hand cream via the workshop held by the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres to keep your hands hydrated and soft. So that you can say bye-bye to dry and itchy hands! No more worry, enroll at Learner Portal now! 為防止感染新冠病毒,相信大家用膳前和在觸碰物件後都會勤洗手,或用酒精搓手液消毒雙手來維持個人衛生。 但你有沒有發現雙手因此而感到乾澀或紅癢? 同學不妨參加由香港婦女中心協會主辦的護手霜工作坊,做一枝純天然又親膚的護手霜,時刻保持雙手幼嫩滋潤,那就不怕雙手出現乾癢啦! 有興趣的同學可到Learner Portal報名!
  • 09 Sep 2022
    Kick-off Activity: Pizza Jam
    Would you like to make your own pizza and chit-chat with other schoolmates? IC will hold an activity with Pizza Express Lab for students to communicate, relax and have fun. Freshmen and senior students are welcome to join!