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Student Activities

  • Expanding Horizon Series #1 – Mindful Macrame Workshop 繩結靈修工作坊
    13 Sep 2021
    Expanding Horizon Series #1 – Mindful Macrame Workshop 繩結靈修工作坊
    Macrame is a kind of handicraft that uses knotting techniques to create decorative textiles. It is believed that it was originated from the 13th-century Arab weavers. It was then being introduced to Europe and became a popular handcraft in Victorian England where various kinds of decorations had been created. In this workshop, you will learn to make Macrame in a mindful way! It enables you not only letting go of distracting thoughts to relax your mind but also having fun and healing experience at the same time. Activity rundown: 1. Introduction of mindfulness & mindful breathing experience 2. Learning macrame techniques & making macrame accessory 3. Mindful breathing & Conclusion Enroll at Learner Portal Now. 繩結編織是一種不用任何鈎針工具,只用雙手,重複打結的編織工藝。據說是源自十三世紀阿拉伯編織匠。傳入歐洲後,於英國維多利亞時期最為流行,更發展出多樣化的生活裝飾品。 在這個工作坊, 你可以學習編織同時修練靈性。當專注編織繩結時,可讓我們安靜下來,放下雜念,從而放鬆心神,享受編織的樂趣及療癒的時光。 活動流程: 1. 靜觀簡介及靜觀呼吸體驗 2. 學習編織技巧並編織繩結飾物 3. 靜觀呼吸及總結 同學可於Learner Portal 報名。