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Student Activities

  • 07 Oct 2022
    Expanding Horizon Series #1 – Handcream Workshop 護手霜工作坊
    To prevent infection of Covid-19, we maintain good personal hygiene by washing hands before meal and using alcohol-based hand rub after touching public installations. However, did you notice that your hands are getting dry, redness and itchy? Why don’t you make a hand cream for yourself? You can make a natural and skin-friendly hand cream via the workshop held by the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres to keep your hands hydrated and soft. So that you can say bye-bye to dry and itchy hands! No more worry, enroll at Learner Portal now! 為防止感染新冠病毒,相信大家用膳前和在觸碰物件後都會勤洗手,或用酒精搓手液消毒雙手來維持個人衛生。 但你有沒有發現雙手因此而感到乾澀或紅癢? 同學不妨參加由香港婦女中心協會主辦的護手霜工作坊,做一枝純天然又親膚的護手霜,時刻保持雙手幼嫩滋潤,那就不怕雙手出現乾癢啦! 有興趣的同學可到Learner Portal報名!
  • 09 Sep 2022
    Pizza Jam
    Would you like to make your own pizza and chit-chat with other schoolmates? IC will hold an activity with Pizza Express Lab for students to communicate, relax and have fun. Freshmen and senior students are welcome to join!