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Career and Counselling Services

Student Development and Counselling Services (SDCS) 

A number of services, including Individual Counselling & Consultation, Career Development and Personal Development services are provided by the Student Development and Counselling Services Team. In addition, students can do on-line registration via SDCS website ( for participating SDCS activities, as well as to find useful information on job hunting, job posting and further studies in the website.

In order to strengthen the career services of graduates, a Career Adviser will station at IC office to provide full range of career services.  In addition, students who need advice on personal matters or further study are welcome to meet the IC Student Counsellor.  Appointment with Career Adviser and Student Counsellor can be made via email or by phone at 3762-2011.

  • Personal Counselling and Consultation


    Studying at the tertiary level is not only very inspiring, but also very challenging. Counselling service is provided by a team of professional counsellors, who are ready to listen, address and resolve students’ personal and emotional concerns, as well as study pressure, interpersonal communication skills and difficulties in time management during this transformation journey.

  • Personal Enrichment 

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    Flag Raising Ceremony 

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    Caring Angel,
    Mental Health First Aid Kit

    Our students are encouraged to not only fulfill their goals in achieving academic success, but also pursue and experience more holistic tertiary education and social life. In this regard, training workshops on study skills, stress management, out of classroom learning activities are organized for students, including adventure-based training program, which are designed to develop students’ potential and strengthen their coping strategies and team-working abilities.

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  • Career Development

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    SDCS Career Workshops – Grooming Workshop

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    Corporate Visit: HK Custom College

    To better enhance students’ employability and strengthen their competitiveness in the job market and work place, we organize various career-oriented activities to help students explore their career interest, values and work abilities. 

    Apart from career workshops and events, job posting service is also available to students all year round to assist them in seeking part-time jobs, summer internships and full-time employment. We collect vacancies from different industries and post them on the notice-board at 6/F, United Learning Centre in Admiralty and our SDCS website ( for students’ reference and application. 

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