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Student Activities

  • 29 Feb 2024
    Expanding Horizon Series #4 – DeCoupage Workshop 碟古巴特小物袋工作坊
    Are you interested in hand-making a French-style small pouch? IC will hold a DeCoupage Workshop in February! DeCoupage originates from France which is a collage art for home furnishings.  By joining the workshop, students will apply this handcraft and design their own small pouches.   The elegant product is multi-functional and perfect for storing stationary and accessories! Login Learner Portal and enroll now! 同學有興趣自家製做一個法式小物袋嗎? IC將於2月舉辦碟古巴特小物袋工作坊!碟古巴特源自法國,是一種高雅的家品拼貼藝術。在工作坊裏,同學會運用這種手藝去設計萬用袋。製成品優雅又實用, 可以完美地收納文具、化妝品等小物! 立即登入Learner Portal報名!
  • 20 Feb - 26 Mar 2024
    IC English Workshop 2023/24
    IC will hold three series of English Workshop for students to enhance their English proficiency. The workshop covers three areas which students could enroll in one or more sessions depending on their interests. Interested students please fill in the application form below! Don’t miss out!
  • 16 Nov 2023
    Expanding Horizon Series #3 – Lunch Yoga
    Is your timetable filled with assignments and group projects? IC will hold Lunch Yoga on 2 consecutive Thursdays in November. Student can do yoga during lunch time and relax yourself. We will practice different yoga poses in each class, such as Sun Salutations for students to stretch and relax! Don’t worry if you have not practiced yoga before.  This is a beginner class, so you can definitely keep up during the lesson! Male and female students of all ages are welcome to join! Free sandwich will be provided for students after each session! Sign up at the Learner Portal now to begin a journey to connect your mind and body!  同學的時間表是否已充斥着assignment, group project 等等呢? IC 將於11月一連2個星期舉辦Lunch Yoga。 同學可以趁lunch time做瑜伽放鬆一下身心!每堂我們都會練習不同的瑜伽動作,如拜日式等,讓同學拉筋放鬆! 即使沒有做過瑜伽嘅同學亦不用擔心,瑜伽班嘅程度是初級程度,確保所有同學能夠跟上!瑜伽亦絕對沒有性別之分,任何年紀的男女同學都歡迎! 同學完成每堂均獲得三文治作午餐! 同學快快到Learner Portal報名,踏上尋找自己身心靈的旅程啦!
  • 18 Oct 2023
    Expanding Horizon Series #2 – Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊
    IC students should have adapted the study mode when the day comes close to October. Let's join an IC activity to enrich your campus life! IC will be having a Herbarium Workshop on 18 October. Students can develop their creativity and imagination and make their own herbarium decorations by matching various flowers and colours! You could take your mind off problems and relax yourself during the production process. Interested students please register at Learner Portal and have a great time to refresh yourself! 接近10月, 相信同學已經熟習上課模式,不如參與IC活動豐富一下校園生活! 我們將於10月18舉辦浮遊花工作坊,同學可以發揮創意與想像力,按個人喜好配襯花形與顏色, 制作獨一無二的浮遊花裝飾!制作過程中亦能使你暫時遠離煩惱,心情得以放鬆!有興趣的同學請到Learner Portal報名,讓自己放鬆一下身心吧!
  • 3 Oct 2023
    Expanding Horizon Series #1 – Mölkky Experience 芬蘭木棋初體驗
    Have you ever heard of Mölkky? This is one of the easy-to-learn newly-emerged sports! IC will be holding a “Mölkky Experience” activity on 3rd October. Sign up at Learner Portal and register now! Have fun with us and meeting new friends in the new semester! 大家有聽過芬蘭木棋嗎?這是其中一種容易上手的新興運動!IC將會在10月3日舉辦芬蘭木棋活動,同學快快登入Learner Portal報名參加,玩樂之餘亦可以在新學期認識其他同學仔吧!