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Expanding Horizon Series 1 – Hand Drip Coffee Workshop 虹吸壼及手沖咖啡興趣班
25 Oct 2019 (Fri) SHARE



IC 誠邀 Coffee Public Ltd 為同學舉辦虹吸壼及手沖咖啡興趣班! 導師屆時將會分享咖啡的歷史、品嘗方法和介紹手沖及虹吸式咖啡沖煮時咖啡豆研磨度,並會示範如何使用虹吸壼製作優質咖啡,或如何使用手沖壼輕鬆在家製作咖啡。同學更可以親身製作及互相品嚐虹吸式咖啡及手沖式咖啡,感受到咖啡無限變化的樂趣!

Manual coffee-making methods are becoming an increasingly popular option for home enthusiasts and coffee shop baristas alike.  So, what is hand drip coffee?  How do you make good hand drip coffee?

IC invited Coffee Public Ltd to conduct a Hand Drip Coffee Workshop! Tutor will share about the history of coffee, tasting tutorial, brewing tips and techniques. Besides, a demonstration will show how to use Siphon and Pour over Kettle to make a handcrafted coffee.  Students are brought on a hands-on experience to tasting and brewing coffee using pour-over methods!  You can compare two or more coffees, which are made in different ways.


報名方法: 同學可於Learner Portal 或IC counter 報名,並於IC counter 繳交費用(只接受現金)

截止日期: 2019年10月18日(星期五)

Registration: Student can register on Learner Portal or at IC counter, and pay at the IC counter, only cash is accepted.

Deadline: 18 Oct 2019 (Fri)