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Expanding Horizon Series #1: Coffee 3D Art Workshop 咖啡3D拉花工作坊
2 Mar 2021 SHARE

When you order a latte in a coffee shop and it comes one with a super cute 3D teddy bear on it, will it visually impress you before drinking it?

You could have a chance to try doing Latte Art by yourself now!  Coffee Public Ltd will share with us some basic knowledge of Coffee Art and some 3D Latte Art skills.  Participants can learn how to make an espresso and create a 3D figure in one time!

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您現在有機會自己親手試試做立體拉花了! Coffee Public Ltd會與我們分享咖啡藝術的基本知識和一些立體拉花的技巧∘學員可以一次過嚐試做咖啡和製作立體人物!

同學可於Learner Portal 或IC counter 報名。

Coffee Workshop