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Student Activities

Expanding Horizon Series #1 – Mölkky Experience 芬蘭木棋初體驗
3 Oct 2023 SHARE

Have you ever heard of Mölkky? This is one of the easy-to-learn newly-emerged sports!

IC will be holding a “Mölkky Experience” activity on 3rd October. Sign up at Learner Portal and register now! Have fun with us and meeting new friends in the new semester!


大家有聽過芬蘭木棋嗎?這是其中一種容易上手的新興運動!IC將會在10月3日舉辦芬蘭木棋活動,同學快快登入 Learner Portal 報名參加,玩樂之餘亦可以在新學期認識其他同學仔吧!

Mölkky Experience 芬蘭木棋初體驗