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Expanding Horizon Series #2 – Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊
18 Oct 2023 SHARE

IC students should have adapted the study mode when the day comes close to October.  Let's join an IC activity to enrich your campus life! 

IC will be having a Herbarium Workshop on 18 October.  Students can develop their creativity and imagination and make their own herbarium decorations by matching various flowers and colours!   You could take your mind off problems and relax yourself during the production process.  Interested students please register at Learner Portal and have a great time to refresh yourself!

接近10月, 相信同學已經熟習上課模式,不如參與IC活動豐富一下校園生活!

我們將於10月18舉辦浮遊花工作坊,同學可以發揮創意與想像力,按個人喜好配襯花形與顏色, 制作獨一無二的浮遊花裝飾!制作過程中亦能使你暫時遠離煩惱,心情得以放鬆!有興趣的同學請到 Learner Portal報名,讓自己放鬆一下身心吧!

Expanding Horizon Series #2 – Herbarium Workshop 浮游花工作坊