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Student Activities

IC English Workshops 2017/18 - Series III & IV
17 Jan- 26 Mar 2018 SHARE

IC has been organizing workshops to support and enhance the use of English in students' studies.  

This year the workshops are further divided up into 4 series to better meet the different individual backgrounds of our students.  

Workshops are conducted in an interactive and relaxing environment so as to encourage students to learn and improve their English enjoyably.

What will I learn?

Name of the Workshop


No. of Session


Application Deadline


Series III: Essential
“Survival” Tips in Academic Writing 

  • Referencing & Plagiarism
  • Features of Academic Writing
  • Nominalisation
  • Hedging
  • Paraphrasing and Summarising
  • Literature Review

4 x 2-hr

9 & 23 Feb,

2 & 9 Mar (Fri)

4-6 pm

6 Feb (Wed)


Series IV:

Effective & Attractive Oral Presentation

  • Presentation &
  • Public Speaking
  • Manage speech anxiety & skills in speech
  • Practices

2 x 2-hr

19 & 26 Mar (Mon)

4-6 pm

15 Mar (Thu)



Enjoy your learning! Exercises only, NO Test! 

If you are interested, please contact IC staff at 2910 7643First-come-first-serve!