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Reschedule - IC English Workshops 2019/20 - Series I, II, III & IV
4 Nov 2019 SHARE


The workshop will be rescheduled with further notice


In view of students needed, IC has been organizing workshops to support and enhance their use of English in study.  This year the workshops are further divided up into 4 series to better meet the different individual backgrounds of our students.  Workshops are conducted in an interactive and relaxing environment so as to encourage students to learn and improve their English enjoyably.


What I will learn?  Find the answers in the below Puzzle!!





All IC full-time students with a valid IC student card are eligible to apply for the workshops.  All students attending 3 workshops or more with 80% attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Registration: Series 1&2 are now open for registration.  Please download the registration form from Learner Portal, complete and return it to IC counter, pay the workshop fee in cash at IC counter on or before application deadlines stated


For enquiries, please contact the duty officer at IC counter or through IC hotline 2910 7555.

These are in-house workshops for IC full-time students only.  Workshops may be subject to cancellation for insufficient enrollment.  In case of cancellation, the application fee paid will be refunded fully to students.