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London Summer Study Programme 2022
28 Apr - 30 Aug 2022 SHARE

London Summer Study Programme 2022

Outreach Sponsorship is now open for application!

[Application Deadline: 27 Jul 2022, Wednesday, 5:00 pm]

IC has been subsidizing our students to study a one-week summer programme at University of the Arts London (UAL), one of IC’s leading international partners since 2014.  This year, IC will continue to support students to have a short course at UAL with up to HK$17,000 for each successful applicants, contributed by HKU SPACE Foundation. Application is now open for all IC full-time undergraduate students!

This year, other than taking the short courses at the UK physically, students could also take the ONLINE short course by applying them via the UAL’s website.  IC recognizes also the online short courses at UAL and reimburse sponsorship to students upon the completion of courses.  

For details and application procedures of the Summer Study Programme, please view the attached programme leaflet and online application form.  For enquiries, please contact us via email at

We look forward to your participation!  Thank you.

HKU SPACE International College


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