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解鎖夢想 飛向世界的盡頭 Realise your dreams and soar (HKU SPACE Newsletter)
01 May 2020 SHARE

本地人學飛行、做機師,在十多年前幾乎是遙不可 及的事。直至 2006 年,Calvin Lau 與學院合作 推出首個「 香港製造」的航空學課程,便將過去的 不可能變成現實,讓年輕人可以解鎖夢想,衝上雲霄。

A decade ago, it was almost impossible for local citizens to take flight training courses and become pilots. That was until 2006 when Calvin Lau, in collaboration with HKU SPACE, launched the very first “Made in Hong Kong” course for flight training. The course has turned the impossible into possible and has allowed young people to achieve their dream of flying. 


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