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Undergraduate Programmes

Culture, Communication and Media

BA (Hons) Media Production [leading to the award of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media Production (Creative Content)]

媒體製作(榮譽)文學士 [媒體製作(榮譽)文學士(創意內容)]

Course Code: 2245-DP019A (CE 68-859-00/41)
Ms Ellen Chan
T: 2910 7613
To apply for the part-time mode of the programme, please contact Cindy Cheung (3762 0061 / directly.


To apply for the part-time mode of the programme, please contact Cindy Cheung (3762 0061 / directly. 


Programme Overview

The BA (Hons) Media Production programme will enable the students to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in media production across all media platforms as well as digital media production skills. It will give students a broad understanding and engagement of the dynamics of the creative economy and the role of media in society and the economy at a global level, to prepare students to create pathways towards employment as creative professionals in a range of contexts from digital media production companies to online storytelling.

Students acquire skills in photography, video, audio and web design to equip them to work on and develop a range of factual media and experimental and socially engaged projects. They also develop skills in writing and research to develop innovative and appropriately framed creative media content and storytelling across multi-platforms. These are supplemented by a training in the use of software used within the industry, and an ability to respond to new developments as the industry innovates. Production skills and thinking are underpinned by an understanding of the impact of media in its cultural and historical context and the way viewers respond to media forms and practices. Students are provided with a rigorous academic training in research methods and skills in analysis, academic writing and presentation.


課程讓學生學習如何運用攝影、視像製作及網頁設計等技能,為不同的媒體平台創作內容。學生不僅能掌握使用相關輔助軟件的技巧,還能以創新、適切的角度,在跨媒體平台中說故事。課程會介紹行業的發展,探討媒體對文化以至歷史的影 響、受眾對媒體內容、形式等等的反饋,提升學生的創意思維以及媒體內容製作的能力,讓他們探索媒體更多的可能性。課程導師也會教授媒體及文化研究、論文寫作及簡報技巧,讓學生有全面的學術訓練。

The BA (Hons) Media Production programme has 3 pathways. Only the pathway leading to BA (Hons) Media Production (Creative Content) is offered in Hong Kong. The programme objectives above are slightly modified from the original one covering all 3 pathways in the home country.

Programme Highlights

  • The programme puts a strong focus on contemporary screen media which include television, film, photography, mobile/social media, and their users’ reception;
  • Students have the opportunity to undertake at least one production project as part of their final-year study under the guidance of experienced media lecturers and media professionals;
  • ​Students will be assessed by a combination of practical assignments including blogs, photo essays and multimedia projects which enhance both their analytical skills and professional knowledge in digital media production.
  • Upon successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media Production (Creative Content), which facilitates their career development in media, creative and cultural industries.


  • 課程十分著重實用性,務求令學生深入認識屏幕媒體,包括電視、電影、攝影、行動/社交媒體以及其受眾的特性;
  • 學生由富經驗的講師及專業人士指導,製作至少一個創意媒體的畢業作品,從中學習並掌握電子媒體的應用;
  • 用作評估學生學習表現的習作多元化,包括博客、圖片散文、多媒體創作等等,有助提升學生分析及製作數碼媒體的能力
  • 成功修畢課程的同學可獲頒授Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Media Production (Creative Content),適合有志從事創意、媒體及文化產業的工作。

University of the West of England, Bristol

UWE Bristol

University of the West of England, Bristol (UWE Bristol) is a university based in the English city of Bristol. It is a publicly funded higher education institution with university title and taught and research degree-awarding powers. In the area of media and film studies, UWE Bristol is ranked 26th out of 121 universities in the UK (The Guardian Good University Guide 2023).

UWE Bristol represents a tradition of professional education and training which can be traced back to 1595, when a navigation school was established as one of England’s first technical training institutions. In 1969, Bristol Polytechnic was formed. With its incorporation of a number of higher education colleges based in Bristol, Bristol Polytechnic gained its university status in 1992, becoming the University of the West of England, Bristol.

This BA programme is delivered within the College of Arts, Technology and Environment of UWE Bristol, which offers more than 50 undergraduate, taught and research postgraduate programmes.


位於英國布里斯托的西英格蘭大學,由英國政府直接資助,致力提供優質的學士、碩士及研究生課程。西英格蘭大學的課程,以結合實務經驗及學術應用聞名;它的前身乃英國首批創立的專業技術學院之一,早於1595年已開始提供專業技能訓練,於1969年升格為布里斯托理工學院。1992年,學院獲英國政府批准升格為大學。西英格蘭大學約有30,000名學生及3,000名教學人員,是布里斯托地區最具規模的大學之一。現時,升讀西英格蘭大學的高中畢業生當中,有86%來自英國政府資助的公立學校。根據英國《衛報大學排名 2023》,西英格蘭大學在英國121所大學中排名第26位。

本課程由西英格蘭大學的文學、科技及環境學院開辦,學院 現時提供超過50個本科生及研究生課程。

Welcome Message

Seth Giddings
Dr. Rehan Hyder
HKU Link Tutor / Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies

The Media Culture and Practice teaching team at the University of the West of England, Bristol are thrilled to be sharing ideas and teaching with HKU SPACE. The critical and creative study of the media is fundamental to understanding the world we live in and this cross-fertilisation will forge new connections for understanding and shaping contemporary global culture.

We also look forward to sharing our research and creative practice with the staff and students at HKU, particularly the work of the Digital Cultures Research Centre and the innovative and critical digital media practice of our students. The high level of technical expertise, critical enquiry and creative achievement in photomedia, video and web media is what students in both Bristol and Hong Kong will demonstrate at the end of their Media and Cultural Production programme.

We look forward with excitement to our collaborations with the staff and students at HKU SPACE.

Dr Rehan Hyder
HKU Link Tutor / Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies
Department of Arts and Cultural Industries
University of the West of England, Bristol


Content and

Programme Structure

The entire programme consists of 360 credits. Upon fulfilling the minimum entry requirements, students enrolled in the programme will be granted an exemption from 3 modules (120 credits), normally equal to the first year of study. With this exemption, students are required to complete only 8 modules in 18 months, spanning across four semesters (full-time).

Year Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Credits
Year 2

Practical Research Methods

Creative Industries and Cultural Value

Participatory and Interactive Media Screen Languages or 120
Year 3 Photography and Visual Culture

Emergent Media Encounters or

Media Production Project or

Professional Practice in Media 120
Sound, Image, Space Dissertation


  1. Subject to availability, the University reserves the right to vary some modules.
  2. The programme duration and thus, the structure of the part-time mode is slightly different. For details, please check


Duration of Study

With the full exemption from Year 1, students are required to take 240 credits and can complete the programme in 18 months.

Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media Production (Creative Content) by University of the West of England, Bristol.

Teaching Mode

Lecturers of this programme employ diverse teaching modes and these include lectures, seminars, small group discussions, screenings, practical workshops, field trips, student-led research, blended learning (classroom learning complementing with online resources, communication and discussion) and individual tutorials.


A balanced combination of group and individual work is in execution. Students will be assessed through various forms of assignments including written work, digital media projects and portfolios, presentations, research reports, photos essays, and extended projects.

Teaching Staff

  • Teaching Staff - University of the West of England, Bristol
    WILSON, Sherryl  (Programme Leader for Media and Cultural and Production) BA Nottingham; MA Exeter; PhD UWE
    HYDER, Rehan  (HKU Link tutor) BA Brighton; MSc Bradford; PhD Staffordshire
    AGUSITA, Emma BA UWE; MA London; PhD UWE
    CROGAN, Patrick Acc Cert TAFE; BA, PhD Sydney
    DAVIES, Katie BA Sheffield Hallam; MA Sheffield Hallam; PhD UWE
    GODDARD, Rebecca BA Coventry; MA Bath Spa
    HARGREAVES, Phil PGCE Bath; MSc Manchester, MA UWE
    SWANSON, Gillian BA CNAA; MA CNAA; PhD Griffith University Brisbane
  • Teaching Staff - HKU SPACE
    CHEUNG, Frankie (Programme Leader) BSocSc HKBU; MPhil CUHK; MIPA HK
    CHAN, Leo Dip Design PolyU; BA Graphic CSM; MA Typo LCC
    CHEUNG, Olive BA HKBU; MPhil CUHK; MA Birm;  PhD Lond
    TANG, Wesley BA CityU HK; MPhil HK

Award and


Students who successfully complete the programme will be awarded the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media Production (Creative Content) by University of the West of England, Bristol.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the programme are competitive candidates in professions such as media production, photo-journalism, publishing, the heritage sector (museums, galleries, etc.), design and events management. Graduates are trained with multiple skills to perform specialist media production, to communicate clearly through writing, visual productions and to present ideas and information in oral presentations. They are well-equipped to be team players and self-motivated employees.

Further Studies

Graduates with the BA (Hons) award are also eligible to progress onto Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip) in Media and Cultural Critique, awarded within the HKU system through HKU SPACE or to apply for master's degree programmes in Hong Kong and overseas countries.

Fees and

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee* for 2024/25 intake is HK$33,000 per semester (4 semesters in total), payable in 4 instalments (full-time).

* The tuition fee is reviewed annually and is subject to change without prior notice.

Extended Non-Means-Tested Loan Scheme (ENLS)

Students are eligible to apply for the HKSAR Government’s Extended Non-means-tested Loan Scheme (ENLS). The maximum financial assistance under the ENLS is equivalent to the total tuition fee payable to the HKU SPACE in the academic year.


University of the West of England, Bristol Scholarship / Bursaries

The University offers a scholarship to a new student with outstanding performance in his or her Associate Degree / Higher Diploma studies for the programme. Bursaries are also available to students studying the programme.

IC Scholarship 

more Details 


Entry Requirements

Applicants shall:

1a. hold an Associate Degree in areas of advertising and creative media / creative studies / film, television and digital media studies / cinema and television studies / creative communication / creative digital media / media communication / media production / media and cultural studies; or an Associate of Applied Social Sciences in Communication, Public Relations and Journalism;


1b. hold a Higher Diploma in areas of new media and communication, design, visual arts and culture, visual communication, digital and creative media, and film / TV studies;


2. demonstrate English proficiency with an overall IELTS score of 6 with a minimum of 5.5 in each sub-test.

Graduates of HKU SPACE Associate Degree / Higher Diploma, or those with an equivalent qualification from a recognised institution, are normally regarded as having demonstrated the required English proficiency.

Applicants with other qualifications will be considered on individual merit.



Progression Path - MCP

Student Work
and Activities

Student Work

TANG, King Ho Tommy

BA (Hons) Media Culture and Practice*  (2012-14)

HUI, Ka Yee

BA (Hons) Media Culture and Practice* (2012-14)


BA (Hons) Media Culture and Practice* (2015-17)

* Retitled to Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media and Cultural Production in 2016

Student Activities

Telling better food stories: UWE students’ recent visit to the photography studio of Mr. Raymond WONG, a renowned food stylist and photographer

Telling Better Food Stories Telling Better Food Stories

 Telling Better Food Stories

London Summer Study Programme

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Media and Cultural Production students are welcome to join the Summer Study programme, which is organised by IC. The programme provides a valuable opportunity for students to enroll into a short course in Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design (CSM), one of the world’s leading institutes for arts and design education with 150 years of history.


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This is an exempted course under the Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance. It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognise any qualification to which this course may lead.